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Created by: Elliot Quartz


TheHistoryOfHipHop.net was created in order to allow hip hop fans to explore the fascinating evolution of the culture, sounds, and personalities of hip hop from its birth in the 1970s all the way to present day 2016. Have any album/artist/song suggestions to include? Email me!


Version 0.3 - Visual Tweeks, bug fixes, more album and artist info.

Version 0.2 - You can now click on any ablum or artist to pull up a complete description. Also, I have begun the process of adding individual years. Currently the years 2010-2015 are complete with more to follow in the coming weeks.

Version 0.1 - The site was just founded and put online today. I am excited to be able to let everyone explore what I have put together. Please note that the website is in its very early stages and there are many features that are missing that I am currently developing. Updates to the site will come weekly, so stay tuned.